IRS Representation & Litigation Support

Facilitating our clients’ interactions with taxing authorities and the courts is something we’ve been doing for decades.

We provide clients with peace of mind

An unexpected notice from the IRS won’t startle you if you’ve partnered with Ouellette & Associates’ trusted tax experts.

Individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations embroiled in IRS disputes often need an established CPA firm to help. Ouellette & Associates can save you from dealing with the headaches and bureaucratic red tape, and help you achieve the results you deserve.

Whether you’re dealing with an IRS audit or with financial damages in a complex litigation case, in either type of scenario, Ouellette & Associates’ experienced staff will turn to our advanced accounting and auditing techniques, vast industry experience, and network of connections to ensure favorable outcomes that minimize loss and future risk.

Ouellette & Associates' IRS Representation & Litigation Support include:

  • IRS Liens & Levies
  • Negotiations on Back Taxes
  • Debt Relief & Payment Plans
  • Overdue Tax Return Preparation
  • IRS Tax Liability & Penalty Analyses
  • Response Letters in Late Payment Cases
  • Wage Garnishment Solutions

Ouellette & Associates’ CPAs are certified and highly-experienced tax experts whose flexible, cost-effective solutions help you win your negotiations with local, state, and federal tax authorities.