Business Valuations

Determining the true value of your business is an important undertaking that goes beyond establishing its market worth.

For start-ups, growth companies, and mature businesses

Ouellette & Associates’ business valuations are straightforward and objective, and can be applied to your business or any others you’re interested in.

There are many reasons for establishing your company’s true fair market value (FMV), and Ouellette & Associates takes one approach when it’s time to do so. Our process focuses on providing a completely unbiased assessment that all interested parties can trust, which is critical in so many of the transactions that require accurate, credible business valuations.

Ouellette & Associates’ valuation of your company will help in various situations. Whether you’re going to become involved in a business sale or purchase, complete a tax reorganization, add/or remove shareholders, or enter into litigation that could require the payment or receipt of damages, you can be assured that you’ll receive a thorough, expert evaluation.

Ouellette & Associates’ Business Valuation provide:

  • Accurate IRS Reporting
  • Settling with Departing Shareholders
  • Calculating Intellectual Property Values
  • Selling your Business or Buying Others
  • Raising Capital for Business Expansion
  • Awarding Damages in Contract Disputes

Business valuations based on market value are the most relevant, and the most advantageous to the following types of activities.